The Infirmerie Protestante – A Hospitable Clinic


The clinic is situated within the green belt of the City of Caluire, yet close to the center of the City of Lyon, and easily accessible by public transport (metro - bus). Paid parking is available for visitors. The admission process is very brief, and patients are promptly taken into care. Individual rooms may be requested, subject to availability. The Infirmerie Protestante provides a room for accompanying persons. Parents wishing to stay with their minor children during their stay in the clinic may sleep in their children's room, if the room is a single room. All rooms are entirely air-conditioned. For further information concerning registration procedures, please contact the Clinic’s Secretariat.

Chambre émeraude

The Infirmerie Protestante is a pluri-disciplinary healthcare facility. Its legal entity is that of a nonprofit association, compliant with the 1901 French Associations Law. Its medical staff consults within the clinic on an independent basis. The Infirmerie Protestante provides comprehensive health care, and is able to treat pathologies falling into over 30 specialties. Independent healthcare specialists, doctors and surgeons work together, using state of the art equipment.

The healthcare provided within the facility falls into two strategic Areas of Expertise, including technically complex medical and surgical procedures :

  • Cardiovascular Care, which includes Cardiac Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Medical Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, Electrophysiology and Cardiac Rhythmology.
  • Visceral and Oncology Care, which includes Chemotherapy, Digestive Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Genitourinary Surgery, Gynecological Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Gastro-enterology, Internal Medicine and Pulmonology.

In addition, Orthopedic Surgery, Otorhinolaryngology and Stomatology are also performed within the facility. Specialized consultations are also provided by the facility, within supporting areas of expertise, drawing upon in-house resources, or collaborations with external partners: Endocrinology, Kinesiatrics, Nephrology, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Psychology, and Radiotherapy. All medical teams can be reached directly.


Emergency Medical Unit

The facility is authorized to treat cardiological and thoracic emergencies 24/7. The facility has an Urgent Consultation Service that handles local emergencies, as well as an Intensive Care and Resuscitation unit that responds 24/7 to emergencies. Emergency surgical and medical teams are on duty 24/7.
The facility offers internal medicine and gastro-enterology check-ups. As part of its therapeutic education process, the Infirmerie Protestante provides post-surgical patient monitoring.

Other Services Provided

The facility is equipped with a high-tech technical platform, including Resuscitation, Intensive Cardiological Care, Continuous Care, and Palliative Care Units.
Medical imaging devices include two MRI scanners, an X-ray Unit, a Medical and Interventional Imaging Device, the Women’s Breast and Diagnostic Imaging Center and the Nuclear Medicine Unit (Scintigraphy and PET Scan).
The Infirmerie Protestante also has 10 surgical block operating rooms, including one devoted to robot-assisted surgery for the specialties treated within the facility, and one hybrid operating room.
Agreements between European Union countries make automatic coverage of European patients by the French social security system possible for all medical emergencies.
Additional expenses may ne incurred. These should be covered by your private insurance and/or mutual/provident healthcare funds.
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